Justin Bieber in the cast of `The Expendables 4`?

Jason Statham plays with the idea, while Sylvester Stallone says that can happen.

The film `The Expendables 3` debuted poorly in theaters and already has a lot of speculation going on about the fourth title in the franchise. In addition to Pierce Brosnan, who is crazy about a twinge in long, singer Justin Bieber can also paint alongside Sylvester Stallone and company.

The movie series is known for giving visibility to actors of consecrated generation of action cinema and at the same time, make room for newcomers like Kellan Lutz and Liam Hemsworth. Therefore, the presence of Bieber, who has even made a tip in the `CSI` series, would not that strange. The actors from the original cast share opinions as a pop singer from participation in future productions.

`We`re all going to shoot it at the same time. Would be incredible,` said Terry Crews. The same jest was adopted by Wesley Snipes and Jason Statham, who went on to say that the teen star could `serve tea` to all the badass guys on set recording. Already Sylvester Stallone, who may have already revive Rambo, dispenses sarcasm. `Anything can happen, he is a nice guy. Justin can take a beating in all of us.`

4 The Expendables

Producer Avi Lerner confirmed that new sequences are being developed. Still no official announcement about the release of a fourth film in the franchise, it can even happen.

In Chinese premiere of `The Expendables 3,` Stallone said it will diversify the cast in new long. `We want more stars, more personalities, more athletes and more individuals around the world, not just Americans` Does the Canadian teen celebrity fit the profile?

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