Justin Bieber - Makes a racist comment!!

Justin Bieber returned to create a sensation, but this time for the worst reasons. The singer is involved in a new controversy related to a racist comment that offended a native community in Canada, his native country.

"Actually, I`m part Indian," Bieber said Josh Eells, the magazine `Rolling Stone`, then adding "I think osinuit or something ... I`m secure enough in Canada that I can get free gasoline."

Reacting promptly to these statements, poorly received, the Congress Canadian Aboriginal Peoples issued a public statement to clarify the singer that his country did not receive "free gasoline".

The Canadian Aboriginal community was particularly outraged by the fact that Justin had used the word `Indian`, arguing that it is a term that has been forgotten by most Canadians.

"We already have enough problems with racism and stereotypes. A young man like Justin Bieber has a large following and has a great impact among young people. This worries me, "said Dwigh Dorey, a member of Congress nacional.

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