Justin Beiber Caught Flirting With Miley Cyrus

3 years ago

Yes you read the title right! Pictures have been sourcing showing Justin Beiber flirting with Miley Cyrus. These pictures were taken this weekend where they were at a party together. Apparently the two were hanging around for about a couple of minutes where they were seen laughing and flirting together. People say that they both left together at the same time but people aren`t sure where they went to afterwards but paparazzi did spot Justin Beiber`s hideous leopard Audi leaving Miley Cyrus`s home Saturday morning. All I got to say is that I don`t really care if they are flirting and/or whether she is cheating on her fiancée but Justin Beiber`s Audi is just butt ugly and tacky. I mean if you got that much money, why pay to have a leopard design all over. I would definitely just buy a regular solid color car and save the rest of the money for something else, like donating to a charity. What do you guys think? Do you care if Justin was flirting was Miley? Would you like to see the two together?
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Source link: http://www.tmz.com/2013/06/12/justin-bieber-miley-cyrus-beachers-madhouse-flirting-pictures-photo/

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