Just What is Google Glasses?

4 years ago

Probably the most talk about electronic item coming out lately is the Google Glasses. This was presented recently by Google recently and represented the first new item that would change the way we live and interact with information since the ipad and iphone was introduced.

So just what is it? It is basically a pair of glasses without lens on one side with a built in computer running Google`s Android system. From their demo of the glasses they`ve shown that just by looking at things, you can get information hands free. Such as looking at the sky to get the weather. Looking at a subway station and getting information on train delays.

It`s far from being ready to be sold on the market, but it`ll be highly sought after I think. Of course, it also depends on price which hasn`t been announced either.

1. Would you buy a Google Glasses if it was affordable?

Source link: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/technology/2012/04/google-glasses-will-you-want-google-tracking-your-eyes/

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