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5 years ago

I`ve been feeling really drained lately. It`s a mix of emotional, mental and physical drain that has been weighing me down a bit. I keep pushing through though and have been trying to get as much done as possible. The saying "There`s not enough time in the day .." has never resonated with me so much as it has in the last few weeks. Graduate school, other outside projects, hobbies, relationships .. It`s difficult to keep each area of life in check as it seems to be my nature to try and do each one 100%. But the truth is, my idea of 100% is changing everyday. I need to be able to be flexible with myself and not overdo things just because I feel like that`s what my ideal would be..if that makes sense. I heard that today (that YOUR 100% changes constantly and you have to adjust accordingly) and I am going to try to remind myself of that on a daily basis. As long as you`re giving your 100% for that day and for that situation, then you`re doing well!

So, I just wanted to share those thoughts as well as this magnet that hangs on my fridge. In case anyone is in need of a little inspiration today!

*Picture is mine :)

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