Just My Opinion: Why I Don`t Like The Mustache Trend

3 years ago

Many of people ask me why i"m not a fan of this major trend, so here us the main reason:

If it was limited to men`s fashion, then I would totally love this trend. But since it slides into women fashion, I can`t stand it. Why should women feel they have to glorify a man`s physical feature in order to feel cool or stylish? A mustache is not connected to the beauty of women in anyway. Since fashion is meant to express one self, I don`t see how ladies can identify with a mustache. Plus men already praise their self for having this attribute in global mustache contests. Since their pride is already stroked from these contest, they don`t need women also glorifying it. Also its just unfair for women to wear it. There are no trendy fashion symbols that encompasses women beauty in men`s fashion. Instead women should use a symbol that will encourage them like a hairy but feminine leg or hairy feminine armpit!!! Hehe maybe that`s a little extreme, but i`m sure you get the idea.

P.S Don`t Hate me >.< OK?

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