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This is an Italian Brand. I use to buy so many product from them because in that particular moment I didn`t know the existence of many brands some better then this one some even worst than this. They have a make up line too but I`ve tried more of their face cream and body cream.

I own this particular one from at least 5-6 years and not I`m not kidding...It`s been a while that I don`t go to Bottega Verde shop and this cream can`t be newer than the date that I mentioned. Pretty old right? Well I obviously didn`t use it very much and now that I`m in the process of make my drawers empty I had to toss something and try to find a usage for this cream too. This is the second pot that I purchased and I had to say that when I use it on my face in the past wasn`t too bad...it was really light and fast absorbing..

And well if for real it`s glycolic acid that works deep in your skin I will probably didn`t paid just a few euro for that! Infact one aspect that makes me worried about Bottega Verde products are just the too low prices for a product that should costs a ton to be effective and no ridiculous.. anyway I`m always thinking which kind of ingredients they put on their product in order to mantain their prices so low...

I finished yesterday and lately I used it just on my legs and on my body but there seams never absorbs into my skin..and create a film that can be washed away even the next day which is scary...and at the end it developed a very chemical and awful smell very different from what I remember

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