Junkosphere Exhibit - Is It All Junk?

5 years ago

The Junkosphere Exhibit by Nicola Hawkins was at a place called The Rooms in St John`s Newfoundland. When we visited unfortunately we were not able to take pictures anywhere inside due to copyright issues and also a lot of pieces that were at The Rooms were hundreds of years old like from the Titanic and what not and they didn`t want our flash photography to degrade the materials so I was not able to take pictures of this exhibit which was super neat especially the "Earth" in the first photo which you could hand crank and rotate and could view from a second level from the stairs shown. I did crank it a few times lol, but it looked quite unstable and I was afraid it`d fall on me so that fun was short lived lol. Her 3D and 2D art pieces consist of mixed media from paint, pencil, to magazine cut outs, you name it if it was something that could be glued or hammered on it could well possibly have been on one of her pieces like tin cans in the second exhibit item called "End of the Road." The third piece primarily consisted of magazine cut outs. If you saw it in person you could see how glossy the finish was on the pictures. I was like damn I should be doing some magazine clippings for art work lol. The last three pieces were either quite large or hung quite high so I wasn`t able to get a good view of them as the last two took up a large portion of the walls.

The reason why she made these pieces was cause she "wanted to explore the impact that consumer culture has on the planet; our deluded idea that stuff brings satisfaction. The dream that if we have a bigger house, newer car, a new dress and lather ourselves with snake oils we will be happier and be seen as successful. I wanted to show how the waste of this insatiable consumerism doesn`t just disappear; it ends up in landfills, in the ocean, as pollution in the air. Our waste doesn`t leave the planet - it is still here all around us, we just choose not to see it. Tragically and inexcusably, we export some of the worst of it to poorer countries"

The art portion of The Rooms was probably the most interesting for me as there were archives if you wanted to look up past events or family history if you have family in Newfoundland and Labrador, Museum portion which had a lot of items from the Titanic and found in and around Newfoundland years ago. The was a bunch of Andy Worhol stuff too, which I wish I could`ve taken pictures of but they have security all over the place preventing you from going all snap happy.

What do you think of this exhibit?
Would you have hand cranked the "Earth" in picture 1 even if it looked like it`d fall on you and wobble a bit?

Links to pictures http://www.junkosphere.net/content/3d-works-0 and http://www.junkosphere.net/content/mixed-media-panels-constructed-magazine-cuttings-waste-paper-acrylic-board

Some information from http://www.nlac.ca/feature/hawkins.htm

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