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4 years ago

I am always muching on junk food, especially in the middle of the night because I always tend to get hungry. It is such a bad habit of mine that I will have to change soon because it is extremely unhealthy. The weather is also getting hot over here in NY, so what`s the best way to cool down? Ice cream! Nothing feels better than having ice cream melt in your mouth when it`s hot outside.

<ol><li><strong>Ben & Jerry Ice Cream</strong> is one of my favorite brand of ice cream. This tastes so good and it`s so fattening but it`s like a dream in your mouth. It is Vanilla ice cream with a Caramel Swirl & Fudge Covered Waffle Cone Pieces. You all should totally try this one!</li>
<li><strong>Vanilla ice cream with chocolate</strong></li>
<li><strong>Lays Garden Tomato & Basil</strong> is so tasty. I love the taste of tomato and basil together.</li>
<li><strong>Veggie Straws</strong> is pretty good too but on the pricey side.</li>
<li><strong>Arizona Drinks</strong> is one of my favorite drinks because it`s affordable and love the flavors they offer. The green tea one is my classic favorite one and the other one is pina colada which is pretty good as well.</li></ol>

<em>Do you like to eat junk food as much as I do?
What is your favorite type of junk food?</em>

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