June Julep Maven Box (Boho Glam)

4 years ago

I received my June Julep Maven box on Thursday afternoon. It seems it got here very quick this month! YAY for that, but there are some downfalls that I will mention as I move through the box and its contents. So, first let me start by saying this box is the Boho Glam box. I was told last month on my call with customer service that they`d be permanently changing my style profile to It Girl. Well, clearly they did not do that because when I got my preview email it told me I am still Boho Glam. I didn`t mind so much this time around because I do like the colors in the box. I just wanted to point that out, though, since I had been told verbally that it was being changed AS WE SPOKE. The June box has some nice summer-appropriate goodies inside of it. First of all there is the Daylight Defense SPF lotion which says it can be used on hands and the face. Is it just me or did anyone else (who received this) notice a subtle citrus smell to it? It isn`t bad, by any means... it was just so subtle that I can`t tell if I`m losing my mind! The next thing in the box is a lipbalm with SPF 15. That is nice as I`m a lip moisturizer girl and if it has SPF, even better! I already tried this one. It smells like a York Peppermint Patty... but tastes like poison. Seriously. Maybe that is the SPF but I`m not a fan of finding a horrible taste in my mouth from my lip products. I mean, it tastes like I squirted the
lotion into my mouth! My other lip moisturizers with SPF don`t taste like this one. On a positive note, they went ahead and supplied the boxes with replacement brushes
just in case! Some of you may recall the brush fiasco of last month. Many people got all (or at least one) damaged, wonky brushes that were pretty much unusable. I, even, had one that I had to call in about and have a replacement sent. I suppose they decided to take the safe route and supply replacement brushes in advance. I think that is great and they`ll avoid that issue this way... but I also want to point out that the actual brush isn`t the same. The replacement brushes are the old-school rounded, typical brush and the Julep brush that comes in the polish is more like the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear brush... paddle style (not pro-wide OPI big, though)...cut straight and blunt but flat. Either way, it avoids brush issues. For good measure, they also gave 2 Pixy Stixs. THIS Pixie sure enjoys a good Pixy Stix candy. :-) And, finally is the product everyone is signed up for: the polish. In the Boho Glam box came two polishes. The first is a sunshine yellow creme called Daisy. The second is a slightly green tinged blue called Robin. Both are appropriately named for their coloring. And maybe I`m just taking it a step further, but I think the colors AND names are perfect for a box called boho. They`re very earthy, nature related. As you can see, the brush on Robin did have one crazy, wild hair sticking out from it. I just did as I would to any other brush, though, and snipped it off with some scissors. Good as new! The brush on Daisy was perfectly fine. Okay, so one last...complaint, if you will. I grumped about how it took me nearly a whole month to receive my May box add-on polish. Well, it would seem that is going to be happening again this month. I requested my add on of two polishes (Courteney and Lauren) and received my auto email letting me know they received my request and it had been processed. It does say it may take up to 48 hours to see the add-ons on my invoice. Okay, no big deal. Well, it has been 11 days and no updates to my invoice nor have I received any email as confirmation of shipping. So... I have a strong feeling that my add-on request somehow fell through the cracks AGAIN! I have already emailed them, so we`ll see how that goes. I won`t bother calling right away because from past experience I can tell you there is only a 5% chance I`d get an actual person on the line. In the past I have had to leave a message and hope they call me back. Especially with the boxes just being received by Mavens, their lines (I`m sure) are flooded with calls. But, there you have it. My June Julep Maven Box. If you aren`t put off by the issues I have had this month (lol!) you can sign up to become a Maven, yourself, by clicking my affiliate link and filling out their survey to determine which style profile you are! http://julep.com/?r=19806710 (promo code: COLORS4ONE at checkout to receive your first box for just a penny & free shipping) Also, they are holding a giveaway that runs for another 2 weeks. All you have to do is sign up with your name and email address. The winner will receive all 80+ Julep nail polish colors and an iPad! You can sign up for that http://blog.julep.com/~cd4fb42b5ca892b
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