June Glossybox - Fullsized Goodies!!

4 years ago

For a full product list, please see third picture.

I`m just loving this month`s Glossybox as I got 6 items, and 4 of them are full sized! Also, sometimes I just get random full sized products that I don`t think I`ll ever use. But this month, the full sized products are a Venus razor, a Wella beach-hair spray, a Biore facial cleanser, and a Covergirl duo lipstick. My razor is actually really old and I was just thinking about replacing it. Now I don`t have to buy a new one. The Wella beach-hair spray is supposed to leave your hair looking like you`ve been on the beach, therefore dry and care-free. I tried it yesterday. Although it didn`t exactly look like what I would consider beach hair, it did give my hair volume without leaving white residue like many other volume products. I haven`t tried the facial cleanser yet, but facial cleanser is something that I must use anyways so I will try it when my current one runs out. I have also not tried the Covergirl lipstick duo yet. I got it in the color "Whisper," which consists of 2 very natural looking shades. Bright lipsticks look horrible on me so I`m glad Glossybox decided to give me a more natural shade.

For those of you who don`t know what Glossybox is, it`s one of those monthly beauty subcription services. I live in Canada so I have the Canadian version. It costs $15 with taxes and shipping all in. I received my June Glossybox on July 2nd. This seems to be what happens every month because they tend to ship out very late in the month. I don`t really mind though because if this always happens, then the interval I get my boxes is still 1 month. Plus, I still have some stuff that were from the previous month`s Glossybox that I didn`t get a chance to use.

I was previously subscribed to both Glossybox and Glymm, but I stopped my Glymm subcription because every month, Glossybox just puts Glymm to shame. Although Glossybox is approximately $3 more expensive, the extra $3 is definitely worth paying. Out of the 3 Glymm boxes I received, I hated every single one, while I love all the Glossyboxes.

<strong>What do you think of this month`s Glossybox?</strong>

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