June Beauty Favorites!

I have never done a "Monthly Favorites" post before and I always see & read others and never wrote one myself. Since I have so many favorites I decided to do one. I have way more favorites then this but these are my main favorites and is more of a variety to discuss!


1. Bareminerals "Stroke of Light" Eye Brightener: this stuff is amazing!! It doesn`t dry up and give a flakey or cakey look when applied under the eye. When I apply it I dab just a couple times under each eye and take both index fingers and blend in gently. It blends in so easily and dries instantly and gives medium-full coverage of dark circles under eyes or any problem spots! I have a medium skin tone so the color I have right now is called "Luminous 2."

2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser for Dark Circles: This is another amazing under eye concealer which gives medium-full coverage of under eye problem areas. If you can see in the picture I actually removed the foamy topper applicator that was at the top of the concealer. Its a twist style concealer so when you twist the makeup is supposed to be pushed up into the foam applicator and then seep out. But the foamy applicator didn`t do anything but absorb and waste the product. So what I did was remove the foam tip and that was the best thing I have ever done! I either just apply using my finger or with a brush and it works so much better then before!! Right now I am actually using this as an eyebrow touch up. I watched a youtube video which taught me the trick of applying a highlighter or concealer around your eye brows and blending to cover up stray hairs and maintain shape and also highlights! So after I do my eyebrows I take a small brush and line the outer parts of my eyebrows and then carefully blend outward. It works sooo good and highlights the brow bone and keeps my eyebrows in place and looking good!

3. Bareminerals Multi-Wrinkle Repair (sample size): When I went through my Bareminerals phase a few months ago I received like 5 of these samples with purchases. After a couple months of putting them aside I decided to use one..and now I am on my last sample :(! I loveeee this stuff, I dont even use it as an all over face lotion like its intended for, I use it as an under eye lotion. All I do is do one little pump and apply under both eyes and nose before bed and it literally makes that whole area so smooth and skin look fuller and healthy. A full size bottle costs $50 so I`m contemplating whether I should find something else or invest in a full size bottle once this last sample runs out! I really do love this stuff I just wish they made a smaller bottle or something.

4. Mac Prep & Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment: I have never tried a Mac primer so I was really interested in getting one. So since I am attached to my Bareminerals primer I thought I would start slow and get the "Refined Zone" Mac primer. I LOVE this primer! I apply my moisturizer, then full face primer, and then apply this stuff around my T-Zone and it immediately makes my face look so glowing and healthy! My pores are gone & my face is soooo smooth, its amazing how good this stuff works! I tend to get oily skin as the day goes by and especially on hot days and if I wear this stuff the oil is almost not existent! I highly recommend it!

5. Mac "Love Power" Electric Cool Eyeshadow: I just bought this eyeshadow a couple days ago and immediately fell in love with it! I dont normally wear pink eyeshadows but this one is different. First off, the texture is like a creamy powder its soo cool. I usually apply using my index finger and dab on the creases of my eyes to add a little sparkle. If applied lightly it doesnt even show up pink which is pretty cool it just adds sparkle. If applied heavier its a very cool light pink shimmer color and its gorgeous! I absolutely love the texture and sparkle of this eyeshadow and wish I could find it in a brown or cream color!

6. Buxom Lash "Blackest Black": I got this mascara in a Buxom kit I bought at a Bareminerals Outlet. I went into Bareminerals looking around and I spotted a Buxom set which I had never seen before. The sales rep told me they never really get Buxom and that they only had 2 sets left so obviously I had to get it! It came with a lipgloss, eyeliner, mascara, and a lipstick. The mascara was immediately a favorite. The brush is really good and grabs every lash! What I do is curl my lashes and then apply this mascara as a base. After it dries I apply another mascara that I will describe next. But this mascara literally is the foundation of my eye makeup it really makes my eyelashes look so long and full!

7. Loreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions "Blackest Black": This mascara has been one of my favorites for years! Anything in the Loreal Telescopic line I have always used! I feel like when it comes to mascara it really doesn`t matter what brand it is, drug store brands work better then a lot of higher end brands that I have tried! This masacra I apply after my base layer of Buxom and it gives and extra lift and thickness to my lashes and grabs whatever lashes the Buxom missed and just makes my lashes look even better! I just lovvvve this mascara!

8. Olay Lash Serum: This serum was given to me by my boyfriends mom. She is obsessed with olay products and bought this double sided product where one side is lotion and the other side is the serum. She doesn`t use lash serums so she asked if I wanted to try it, which of course why not?! I have used a Loreal one in the past but I hated the applicator! So when I saw this one I was immediately intrigued. The applicator is like an actual mascara wand! It literally grabs every lash which is amazing. I thought it was going to be just another lash serum that doesn`t work but I actually have noticed a difference in my lashes lately! Their actually looking fuller and longer, and I haven`t been losing lashes!I really recommend trying this if you want your lashes to grow!

9. Urban Decay "Perversion" 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner: I have previously posted about this eyeliner but I had to put it in my favorites because its really just awesome! I literally don`t think I will ever switch eyeliners because I love this one so much. It doesn`t run down my face or crease under my eyes. It applies so easily and literally glides on without pulling or scratching!! It is by far my favorite eyeliner I have ever used.

10. Physicians Formula Blush: So I don`t know the name of this blush because I guess they didn`t put the name on the actual makeup and I threw out the box so I am sorry about that. But I have so many blushes from Mac and Bareminerals but for some reason I keep reaching for this blush every morning! It has a strip of a darker colored pink and then the rest is a light shimmery pink color and I swatch over the whole section of colors a couple times and apply to the apples of my cheeks and it literally gives a hint of rosy look but a nice highlight and glowing look also. A little goes a long way with it to which is awesome. I feel like it should be almost gone and it still hasn`t even gotten down from the first layer! Physicians Formula has always been one of my top favorite drug store brands so I would recommend checking this blush out if you can find it!

Wow I just wrote a lot and I didn`t even notice it lol. I guess this is why I shouldn`t do monthly favorites haha! Hopefully whoever is reading this I hope I helped give you some insight on these products and hopefully gave you a urge to go and try atleast one :) any questions please just comment and ask!!

***These pictures are mine, I own them :)***
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