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4 years ago

This is my second glossybox and it will be my last. I got charged on June 7th & I just got my box today on July 2. I am not happy with this service at all and I wouldn`t recommend it to anyone. It makes me sad to say that because I was so excited when Glossybox finally came to the USA because I loved watching girls from the UK & many other countries open their boxes.

Glossybox USA is $21 USD per month which is more then every other country pays. If you live in NY or CA you have to pay tax and you end up paying $23+ a month. The reason I am repeating this is some may not know and for you to keep just how much money I paid when I list what was in the box.

Here is what was in my box:

Ahava Minertal Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Cream Wash. Size I recieved 3 fl oz full size is 17 fl oz. I hate the scent of this it doesn`t smell like hibiscus and or fig to me it is just nasty so I don`t know if I will ever use it because I don`t want that scent lingering on my body.

First Aid Beauty smooth shave cream. Size I got 2 oz full size is 6.8 oz. I will use this but I won`t buy it because I just use hair conditioner to shave with.

Ofra Cosmetics Eyeshadow ICE in Dumb Plum. This was a full size product. It is a cream eyeshadow in a plum color. I will give this a try and this is the only thing I was somewhat excited about in the whole box.

vBEAUTE Lite up, Buying Time, & Eye Never. These are the 3 itty bitty baby sample in the picture in the plastic bag. They are not even full they are less then half full so I will get 2 uses out of each one if I am lucky. Total rip off & I am so pissed about this. First off we are suppose to get travel or full sized products this was neither and they little baby samples aren`t even full. This is also where most of the money value in the box comes from since the price of the full size is $150, $135, & $85 so the tiny sample will be worth a lot of money because the product is so expensive for 1oz, 1.7 oz & .5oz.

WELLA PROFESSIONALS Enrich Moisturizing Treatment another tiny sample again wasn`t full so with the length of my hair I would get 1 use out of it. I am going to give this to my Mom I think because she has short hair and the product is for fine to normal hair and I have thick hair.

Perfume Organic Urban Organic Perfume This pissed me off too. This is a box we are paying $21 for and it is a super tiny vial sample not a spray bottle a dabber and again not full...not even half full. No it didn`t leak I had to open the vial to smell this perfume. Granted I think it smells gross & didn`t like it and neither did anyone else who I let smell it but still why am I getting not even full sample sizes of things?

Girls in the USA save your $21 or more depending where you live and go buy things you really want or get 2 of the $10 beauty box subscriptions. This service is not worth it at all in my opinion. And before anyone says they are new they are only new in the USA. Glossybox is in 19 other countries or something like that so they aren`t a new company that I will give the benefit of the doubt to and when I am paying twice as much I expect to get better samples that are much bigger and travel size or full sized as promised.

I also got something called a Glossybox magazine and I haven`t read it but just flipping through very quick it just looked like an ad for more products. I could be wrong that is just what I thought as I flipped through it very fast.

Did you get a June Glossybox? Do you want to subscribe to the USA glossybox?

Note: I paid for my glossybox with my own money and all opinions are my own. All pictures were taken by me.

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