Jump Away The Calories- Get Fit With Plyometrics

4 years ago

Everybody who exercises wants to have a effective and good workout session and also one that is the most effective for the time spent working out. There are tons of different exercise methods but one that is very good and effective is plyometrics.

Plyometrics are basically moves where you have to use a lot of impulse, like jumping, using part of your body weight to make some resistance, so everything that involves a lot of jumping will be a good cardio and plyometrics workout. Don`t think that you just have to jump and do the same move for 40minutes because there are tons of variations for jumping, just look up a workout video and you will see.
Also, since you make a lot of quick jumping movements you will get your heart rate up in no time, burn a ton of calories and still tone some muscles, mostly your lower body.

One problem with plyometrics is the potential for some knee problems or not being good for people that have knee problems or even back problems because the impact can really aggravate the problems. So if you have knee or back problems try to avoid exercises like this with a lot of impact, but other than that and if you pay attention to your form, its a great workout.

<strong>What do you usually do for exercise?
Do you like plyometric exercises, like jumping?</strong>

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