July Julep Maven Box

4 years ago

My July Julep Maven Box arrived at my home today. Still no golden box for me, lol! I was very excited for this box. I selected the It Girl themed box for this month. The colors in it appealed to me the most. The other boxes got a gloss but the It Girl had an additional polish. THEN, USA residents received a free bottle of America and Canadian residents received O Canada. My box this month was significantly smaller than previous ones. I`m perfectly fine with this. Less waste. In my box I received four polishes that were bubble wrapped and then placed inside of a star patterned baggie. They were placed on a bed of red, white, and blue confetti paper (very cute touch), and 3 fireball candies were included. (YUM! I already ate one! HA!). From left to right the colors I received are: Daphne, Kate, Mila, and America. I have to say... I`m a bit disappointed. Again. :-( I will get the negatives out of the way before I leave you with the positives. Let`s start with Daphne. I know a lot of people are upset that this is a rather dusty color and similar to a lot of other polishes that Julep has released recently. That doesn`t even bother me SO much. What has me irritated is that my brush is so wonky that it is completely impossible to use. It is splayed out, twisted around itself, and crooked. There is no salvaging it. Thank goodness they sent extra brushes last month. I`ll exchange it out. BUT, I`m irritated because the first time we saw the brush issue was in Mays box. This is TWO boxes later... they should have their brush issue long since fixed. Clearly, they are still using the same batch of poor brushes or still using the too small bottles (they never really explained which was the problem). Now, when I switch out the brush it will be for one of the generic cheapy kind, not the nice flat paddle style they are known for having. >:-( Next bottle...Kate. From a preliminary check on everything, it seems to be the only one that is correct and how I expect it. Mila...beautiful multicolored glitter. But, cheap brush. It doesn`t have the correct flat paddle brush but the cheapy round one with very few hairs. >:-( AAAAAAHHHHHHH! At least this one is usable, though. Finally, America. Oh such high hopes. This was supposed to be the patriotic polish with red, white, and blue glitters swimming in a reddish base with chunky star shaped glitters. Where are my stars? Not a single star in my bottle. I`m not even kidding. No stars at all. Oh, and again it has a cheapy round brush. I`ll say it again, though... at least it is usable. Now, I know it seems like I am being nit-picky. The way I look at it, though... this is a company with standards that people joined for and as more time goes by those standards are being tossed out the window and being replaced with disappointment in each box delivered. I was a thrilled Julep customer for the first couple of months, if you recall. Each box for several months now I have had complaints with. I don`t find that acceptable. Me and Julep may be having a reevaluation on our relationship and I might be breaking up. I`m really, REALLY hoping I`ll be singing praises once again after wearing these colors. I`m hoping they`ll wear nicely, apply well, and make me fall in love with Julep again. The few positives I can give: I`m pleased with the presentation. I thought it was cute and perfectly patriotic. I think the polishes have potential to look amazing on the nails. I`m excited to use Kate because, if you`ve seen my favorites, Essie East Hampton Cottage is sort of similar to this. I loved that polish and this one could make the cut, too! Despite America missing the stars, it is lovely as well as Mila. Let`s face it... glitter is eye catching and never fails to excite me a bit. Finally, I liked my candy. I`m not a big candy person but I love fire balls.
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