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4 years ago

[Pictures mine, please do not take]
Ohmygosh I am so so sorry I haven`t posted in ages - I`ve been so busy! Anyway, I`m back with my July Instagrams which I know is really late as it`s almost time for my August Instagrams, but I thought I`d post it anyway! I haven`t really had a good start with my Instagrams-of-the-month, considering my June ones were late too, but I promise that my August ones will be on time!
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1. Lovely weather here in England! During July we had such lovely weather (as you can see from the pic) and I took my dogs out to the nearby field every day.. if you look closely, you`ll be able to make out Pippa, one of our Border Terriers.
2. Sunburn - Now here`s the negative part about our hot weather. My back, face and shoulders got really sunburnt even though I was wearing SPF 50 every day. It`s turned to tan now though :)
3. Vampire Diaries - I`m still obsessed with these books and in July I finished book 6 - The Return, Shadow Souls. I`ve been meaning to buy the next book actually.
4. A cute little bunny that was running down the road in front of our car - we had to follow it really slowly until it went into a nearby field so it was a perfect opportunity to get a pic!
5. Newspaper nails - You all have seen me post these before, but I`ve been obsessed and got so many questions about them from everyone I see! Even the cashier at Sainsbury`s and my optician! haha, I guess it`s interesting to those who don`t know how to do them :)
6. My Pandora bracelet - Now this is the best pic saved for last. My wonderful boyfriend bought me a Pandora bracelet!! (yes it`s real!) and it has 2 charms - one with little gems in and a heart one that says I love you on one side and best friend on the other! I couldn`t believe that he bought it for me!

Thanks for reading,
- Emily.

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