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4 years ago

Hey guys :)

I know I`m a little bit late for my July Favourites but I thought "better late than never" and so I wanted to share them anyway ;)

I don`t have that many favourite products this month, because I was on vacation for two weeks and the other half of July I pretty muched just worked... so yeah, I couldn`t really try out a lot of new stuff, however I do have some pretty cool products that especially come in handy while traveling :)

The first thing I want to start of with is my Boss Orange by Hugo Boss perfume. It`s pretty popular and I really love it because it has a unique (obviously orange-y) scent, that`s not too overpowering but still noticeable and nice, so you can wear it day-time and night-time. I only took this perfume to Spain with me and it was all I wore for two weeks straight probably :D

The next product is my got 2 be by Schwarzkopf powderful volume styling powder. This stuff is pretty new and gets a lot of hype in the youtube beauty community, and I gotta admit, I really learned to love it this month! I don`t wanna go in depth here, because I have a review on this coming, but let me tell you, it does work great!

I also discovered a new deoderant this month: the Garnier Minerals UltraDry Intense Protection 48hour. This stuff is great! Of course I didn`t try this product for 48 hours, because that would be kinda nasty :D also it doesn`t keep your body completely from sweating (that wouldn`t be very healthy too!), but I noticed a lot less moisture under my arms! When applied, the deoderant is a bit powdery, so you have to let it dry first before you put clothes on, but I guess exactly that "powder" kinda absorbs the moisture maybe... Anyway it really does work really well! :)
The smell isn`t that great, I kinda can`t stand it anymore, but it`s something you`ll get over and it doesn`t linger, so you won`t smell like it.

Now going into my makeup favourites, first the two nailpolishes I picked represent the two colors I`ve been obsessed with this summer: Passion by p2 (a very bright coral shade) and Replay by essence (a mint green with teal undertones). Coral and mint green are my two favourite colors of this season nailpolish and clothes wise! Those were also two of the shades I took to spain with me :)

Next I discovered another beauty product I haven`t payed a lot of attention to yet: bronzer! Here I have the MAC Sundipped bronzer (LE), but this one is actually not really my favourite, after a couple of uses, I noticed it is a little bit orange-y and does not look the best on my skin. But now I`m on a mission to find the perfect bronzer for me, because I absolutely love the look of a bronze-y face :) So if you have any recommandations, pls leave them in the comments! :)

My favourite blush of the last month was Magic Rose by Alverde. It`s a mauve-red-ish color, more on the dark side, definitely NOT a typical shade for summer! However I do think that this does suit a tan skintone a lot and makes it glow really pretty! When I`m a bit darker I find pink shades a bit harsh on my cheeks, so I mostly used this color :) Alverde is (I believe!) a german brand, so it won`t be avaible in a lot of other countries ... :/

My favourite lip products this month were 1.) Please Me by MAC, which is a really pretty matte mid-toned pink color. It`s this kinda shade you don`t have to think about when wearing it, because it simply goes with everything! It`s also great for work, when you want a more neutral shade on your lips :) and 2.) the XXL Shine lipgloss in Nude Candy by essence. It`s a pink-y nude color, not really opaque, but it looks great over lipsticks because it just lightens up the color a bit. Worn alone it has a really REALLY ugly look to it though! :D

For eyeshadows, I totally discovered purple shades this last month! So I`ve been loving the Alverde Violet Dreams palette for creating actual purple/ soft pink looks and MAC`s Plum Dressing just swept over any neutral shade into my crease to creat a more subtle purple look, that just adds a bit of color and fun to your typical everyday eye look :)

And then finally my very last favourite product of july was my Benefit eye bright pencil, which y`all probably know how it looks because this is a really popular product! I just apply it in the inner corner of my eye and then dust a little bit of an highlighter eyeshadow over it. Brightens up your eye instantly!

Well yeah, those were my favourites for the month of july :)
What were yours?

Thank you for reading <3

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