Julep: Nessa

4 years ago

Nessa was one of the polishes I received in my May It Girl box through the http://julep.com/?r=19806710. Julep is describing Nessa as a bright lemon sorbet shimmer. It is definitely a fun, bright, summery color. It has a very cheery feel to it. That is actually why I chose to put this color on. We have been having some storms in the area and I thought I would put on a sunny color since the real sun hasn`t been showing itself too much recently. Generally, I am not a yellow fan. I guess it just has to be the right kind of yellow. I like this one because of the finish. It isn`t a flat creme. The shimmery finish gives it a bit of pizzazz. Had this been a creme finish I don`t think I`d enjoy it as much as I do. Saying that, though, I don`t know how I feel about this polish on me. I`m still undecided if I think I look awkward sporting it. I am wearing two coats in these photos and really could have used a third. My nail line is still a bit visible at certain angles. This polish applied nicely, though, so a third coat wouldn`t have been a hassle. It was thin enough to smooth over easily. One thing that does irritate me a bit is that you can see the brush strokes in the polish. That is something that I really dislike..no matter the brand, the color, etc. It isn`t as bad as some polish colors, but I can still see it. Over all, I don`t know that this is a color I`d have chosen on my own. That is what is nice about the monthly boxes, though. It kind of allows you to try colors you, maybe, wouldn`t have otherwise tried. If you are interested in signing up for a monthly polish subscription with Julep, please http://julep.com/?r=19806710! It will take you through a style quiz to determine which of their boxes would best suit you and your tastes. You can also get your first introductory box for a penny by using the code COLORS4ONE at checkout. Keep in mind, only your first box will be a penny. Your month to month boxes will be their regular price of $19.99.
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