Julep Maven Nail Polish Review!

4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers! I have wanted to make this post for a while but I decided to try a bunch of them before I came out with a full review but I`m finally ready to make a review over the <strong>Julep Nail Polishes</strong> ! I find that most polish brands have certain colors that work better than others which is why I decided to give all of these a shot before doing this post (with the exception of the two most recent metallic ones).


1. <strong>True to color</strong> -these polishes look almost identical to how they are in the bottle when I put them on my nails!

2. <strong>Nicely packaged</strong>

3. <strong>Decent brushes</strong>

4. <strong>Quite opaque</strong> - For most of these colors, they took one or two coats to become fully opaque! The pigmentation was wonderful!

5. <strong>Dries fairly quickly</strong>


1. <strong>Pricey</strong> These polishes cost $14 alone and a box with usually two polishes costs $20. I would say that the quality isn`t consistant enough to pay such an expensive price!

2. <strong>Cream finish polishes are thick and goopy</strong> -This is explained in the next con.

3. <strong>Inconsistent Formula</strong> -Okay so Julep polishes are extremely inconsistent with their formula! The color Rose (red) is awesome. The formula is PERFECT, its easy to apply, and lasts forever. It has a thinner formula which I really like because its thin and pigmented. However, the cream finish polishes like Robin tend to be a bit thick and it gathers along the top of the brush so that you can only see color on the brush instead of the brush itself. While it isn`t too bad now other than being a bit goopy, I can tell that as they get older, its definitely become a huge pain to work with =_= Time to go out and buy some thinner!

All in all, I wouldn`t buy these unless I got them for free like I did with all of the ones I have just because the price doesn`t quite match up with the quality. They`re not bad polishes though, of course. The colors are beautiful and they`re not too bad!

<strong>Have you ever tried any Julep polishes before?</strong>

<cite>*Pictures are mine*</cite>

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