Julep Maven Mystery Box!

5 years ago

A little over a week ago Julep posted about another mystery box they were putting out for Spring. You`d pay $19.99 for a box that could contain anything from $60-$200 (or was it $300) worth of products. I thought it would be fun to participate. I ordered my box within a couple of hours of them announcing it. I`ll be honest, I was very nervous. I know that sounds crazy, but I always worry that I`ll be unhappy with what would come inside. I know that is supposed to be part of the fun: the unknown. However, I generally hate the unknown. I watched people post to their facebook page and to blogs about receiving their boxes. Mine was shipped out on Monday 9th but then sat in a sorting facility for 3 days with no change. I was starting to worry that somehow my box got lost. All the while, people are posting pictures and sharing what was inside of their boxes. Some people were very unhappy because they got less than springy colors, or only received 4 polishes and a nail file, got duplicates of colors they already owned, etc. I started to think, yup, I`m going to get a less than impressive box for sure. A couple of people posted that they had received some polishes and a gift card (some with the value of $50 and others $120!). Finally, my box arrived on Saturday the 14th. I immediately busted into my box. It was a small box, even smaller than my intro box. Surely, its not a good box :-( WRONG!!!!!! It was an AMAZING box! I`m so thrilled! I couldn`t be happier with what I got. The first thing I saw was the $120 giftcard jumping out at me! YES!!!! I have a $120 giftcard for nail polish! WOOOHOOOOO!!!! Before I could look any further, I was running into the other room to wave my certificate in front of my husband`s face. LOL! Once I had calmed down I returned to the box to see what else was inside. I got their organic Moroccan Argan oil elixir, a nail growth revitalizing serum, a fast dry top coat, and 4 polishes (January, Blake, Melissa, and Alicia). I already own Alicia, and it is actually one of my favorite polishes right now so I am 100% okay with having a back up bottle of it. I had considered buying another bottle as it stands! Now I don`t have to! I have to say, my box was definitely worth the $19.99 I paid for it. In total my box is worth $252! (if I did the math correctly). Everything was full sized, which is even more amazing. I`m excited to get started using not only the polishes, but the serum and elixir. I`ll post up some reviews as I get through testing each item out. Oh, and they threw in some little chocolates, which my son has already claimed as his. He devoured the chocolate coins in a matter of moments. Are you a Julep Maven? If you http://julep.com/?r=19806710 you can sign up to become a Julep Maven and get your first box for just a penny (free shipping). Use code COLORS4ONE at checkout. You`ll be included in any future mystery boxes, too! Did any of you buy a Mystery Box? What did you receive in yours if you did?
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