Julep Maven Classic With A Twist Box

4 years ago

On Wednesday I received 2 Julep boxes that I had ordered last week. A couple of weeks ago I received my Julep Maven mystery box and inside I had a gift certificate for $120 (along with some polishes and product). I figured I`d go ahead and use a portion of it to get some polishes I had seen and liked. I opted to go the route of ordering boxes instead of the polishes individually because it was more cost effective. As a maven, each polish would be $11.20 but in a box I could get 2 polishes and a product or 3 polishes for $19.99. More bang for my buck, basically. The first box I selected was Classic With A Twist. This is one of the introductory boxes they have. It comes with 2 nail polishes and then a product (this box being their glycolic hand scrub). Everything arrives very nicely packaged. It is fit well together and nothing arrived broken or damaged. Everything sits on top of a bed of crinkly, black, fluff paper. The hand scrub came in its own cardboard packaging and the polishes were wrapped in a bubble wrap bag and then slid into a pretty hot pink paper bag with a black ribbon tied around it. Under the ribbon is their nail file. On top of everything is 2 little cards. One is a welcome card (which I had received with my ACTUAL real, introductory box) and it explains what to expect with their program and some of the perks. The second card tells you a bit about the specific box you are viewing. I was most interested in this box for Anne, but to also get Kelly was a perk. I will say, however, that in all the swatch photos I`ve seen of Anne, I was under the impression it as a more vivid blue-leaning purple. This is a very true purple. That`s okay, though. I still think it is a pretty polish... just not what I had anticipated. I received the glycolic hand scrub in my first introductory box. It is a good product, so I don`t mine (at all) having another tube of it. It is full sized as well, at 3 fl oz. The nail file, while seemingly junk... I really like. One side has a VERY fine grit to it which really helps to smooth down any rough edges. It is good to have on hand in a pinch. I like to keep mine in my purse. The two polishes in this box are Anne and Kelly. Anne is an ultra-saturated violet. Eye-catching on a pedicure and head-turning on a manicure. Kelly is a blushed white creme, the newest shade in runway neutrals for spring. Something I wanted to mention, too, was the actual bottles. Past bottles I have received have all been just the glass bottle. Anne, however, was wrapped in a plastic wrap this time. Kelly wasn`t. I think this has to do with the fact that they are now being sold in some Sephora stores. I think they`ve started to plastic wrap their bottles... so you may (or may not) receive some from here on out with plastic wrap around them. I don`t mind one way or another, BUT with the wrap on them I know for certain that it is a brand new, un-tampered with product. It may give peace of mind to some of you out there. I have a second box that I will show you in another post. If you are interested in a monthly subscription service of polishes (woot!) you can sign up here: http://julep.com/?r=19806710 They currently are running another penny promo. This means that your introductory box will be a flat penny. YES REALLY! ONE PENNY! This includes shipping. As a maven you get free standard shipping. Use the code COLORS4ONE at checkout.
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