Julep Maven Add-On Arrived

4 years ago

Today my Julep Maven add on FINALLY arrived. I had a bit of difficulty getting this to me. Back in April when we viewed our May boxes the site was acting up and so I called their customer service to get some issues sorted out. I was told I would receive a personal confirmation email instead on the standard mass confirmation email for my box and add-ons. My email arrived and showed which style of box I selected witih the customer service rep along with my add on I wanted. okay, great. Well, when my box finally arrived I didn`t have my add on but I was seeing on their facebook that that is normal and often they get shipped separate. Reason being: the boxes are prepackaged by style, not by individual to individual. So if you want to put an add on to your order, it isn`t going INSIDE that box, rather a separate box based on your individual selection. Make sense? I was okay with that. I figured my add on would arrive later in another box. No big deal. Well, weeks went by and nothing. So I sent an email about my brushes on one polish being messed up (tons of people had an issue this past month with the brushes) and mentioned I still hadn`t received my add on or any confirmation that it was being shipped out. I was assured my replacement brush and add on would be shipped out. Fantastic! Fast forward to last week. I received a small box in the mail from Julep. WOOHOO, finally my brush and add on were home! Nope. The only thing in the box was my replacement brush. ::angry face:: WHERE is my add on?! I made a phone call this time and got a hold of someone. I told her I had been told I would get my replacement brush and add on but so far just the replacement brush had come. She told me she would get the add on sent out and apologized. Finally, today I went to my mail box and the small little julep box was in there. YES! It actually was in there this time. I am a bit put off that it took SO MUCH just to get my full order and proper, not messed up brushes to my house... but with some persistence I got all of my items. This was the first real issue that made me a bit put off by Julep so I am really hoping with the next box it goes smoother than last. Tomorrow is the start of the days of preview for June`s box. Fingers crossed I don`t run into this issue again. ANYWAY, this is my add on. It is Julep Sarah. I liked the It Girl box best but it didn`t have Sarah so I selected to add it to my box. I wanted to make sure I got it. I know it is going to be sheer, but I have a feeling it will be sort of jelly with glitter specks, which would make it okay to be sheer (for me, personally). I think I am going to redo my nails with this color tomorrow. In the box she went ahead and tossed in a replacement brush since their May polishes had problems being damaged and unusable. Luckily, this bottle wasn`t one of the dudds and the brush is perfectly fine. So, I just have an extra brush for nail art or in the future if I happen to come across a wonky brush. Are you a Julep Maven? If you happen to be interested at all, you can sign up http://julep.com/?r=19806710, taking their style quiz to determine the kind of box you`d best fit, and use code SHAREONMAY to receive your first box for just a penny! Also, right now, they are running a giveaway. It runs through mid June. You just need to http://blog.julep.com/~cd4fb42b5ca892b, and in the fields type your name and email. The giveaway is for all 80+ Julep nail colors AND an iPad! WOOHOO! I entered.

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