Hello Everyone =)
I hope youre all having a good day =)
So Ive been seeing this Julep Maven ad EVERYWHERE!!!! The one for one cent! Anyways I ordered it and I was pleased, because I got 2 pretty colours. I got one which was a bright, peachy colour, and another one that was just blue glitter. Honestly, they were quite pretty, I tried them both and I was impressed with the colours, and they even lasted a very long time! I have yet to try the little lotion/mask thingy but Im sure the quality is good.
Im not exactly sure if Julep Maven is the one responsible, but just hear my story how. So I ordered the product for one cent, and then 2 days later, I get a call from my credit card company where they believed that there was some fraudulent activity on my credit card. They said that there were a bunch of charges made to iTunes. I didnt want to place blame on any company; however, I typed it online to see if anyone else had fraudulent activity with many iTunes charges. And someone else online said that they exact same thing happened to them after they ordered a Julep Maven box. So I dunno if I can entirely place the blame on this company BUT THATS TOO MUCH OF A COINCIDENCE!! So ppl beware, one cent, will cost you A LOT MORE!!! And believe me, you dont want to go through this!
So if you are going to order from them, do it through paypal or something like that.
Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed the post.
Bye =)
**Pictures are mine, please DONT take, thank you

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