Julep Maven: $.01 promo box

Last week I received an email from Julep which included a promo code (NEWYEAR2012, limited time/quantities) to sign up for Julep Maven (a monthly subscription to receive a box of polishes valued at $40.00 for $19.99/month) and receive the first box for $.01. I had been eyeing the Julep Maven monthly subscription ever since they launched it, but had never signed up due to the high monthly fee. I also began hearing a lot of drama surrounding Julep`s business ethics and even witnessed them using other blogger`s photos on their own blog without crediting the blogger`s they took the photos from (and yes, they even removed the blogger`s tags from their photos) - I later noticed they corrected this and credited the appropriate bloggers. All this made me feel very sketchy of Julep as a brand and "professional" company, so when I got the code for the "Penny Box", I thought about it all day and finally jumped on it. A box of 2 polishes plus a random product for only a penny?! If I ended up not liking it, I could always just cancel my account and move on.

I signed up, completed a style quiz, then got an option to either select the box they chose for me or select one of the other four boxes they had available for January. I was offered the Classic With A Twist box. I spent about an hour checking out all five boxes available while pulling up swatch photos on Google images. I didn`t really care for any of the polish combinations available, but I figured the Classic With A Twist box had the polishes more unique to my own collection so I stuck with the box they selected for me.

Here is what I received:
Julep Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener
Taylor Julep Nail Vernis - "periwinkle creme"
Maya Julep Nail Vernis - "peachy pink seashell"

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