Julep: Hailee

4 years ago

WHOA! STUMPY FINGER NAILS! Okay, now that we all have that out of our systems.... Over a week ago, I hacked away at my finger nails and the result was these little stumps. I wore the ImPress Press On nails for 6 days and got bored looking at them day after day, so I removed them and painted my baby nails with one of my new Julep polishes. In the bottle, you can see that Hailee is going to be a green polish, but the silver flecks running through it are pretty strong. This lead me to believe that it was going to drown out the green and create a murky, diluted look that wouldn`t be so cute. I am pleased to report that the green is very prominant and you most definitely can tell that it is a green polish. There are no questions about the color on the nail. Moving on to discuss the finish. Again, I am pleased to report that I actually really enjoy the way this looks. I know...*shock*, *gasp*! I`ve surprised myself! I think because it isn`t a flat color, it is flattering. If this was just a dull green with no dimension, I wouldn`t like it. Those flecks really make this an interesting polish. Something I have always had to credit mattes and suedes on are their drying time. They dry so much faster than a typical nail polish. I don`t know what their formulation is, exactly, but something that is in them makes them set up and dry in a much shorter period of time. I am wearing my Sally Hansen Triple Strong as my base coat (which I did allow to completely dry before moving forward) and 2 thin coats of Julep Hailee. I was able to, right away, wash my hands and start going about my business without fear that I would knick them and have to touch up. I quite appreciate that. That is the very reason I always use Seche Vite. I like being able to paint and go, so to speak. If the rest of Julep`s suede polishes are like this, I`m going to have to pay them a bit more attention. I`m really enjoying this one. Especially for the weather right now. Something about suede finish and fall weather appeals to me suddenly. I feel it meshes well together. I suppose the drying up of the leaves and the more dull, yet not completely lifeless finish of the polish is links them together, in my mind. Whatever it is, I am currently on board! 24 Hour Update: Okay guys, time for a dose of bad news. This may be expected. It was for me, though I was hoping I`d be proven wrong. I have horrible, horrible chips on 7 out of 10 nails. :-( I was really keeping my fingers crossed that somehow the formulation on this would be different, but alas it is the same as all the rest on the market. It was a really fun, lovely manicure while it lasted.
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