Julep: Amy (amp Some Glitter)

4 years ago

I was in a rush to change my manicure so I decided to simply slap on an opaque polish and then do accent nails in glitter. I needed something that would be quick and still look nice. This fit the bill fine enough. It only ended up being on my nails for a day, though. I started by applying a coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. Then I swiped on a single coat of Julep Amy. Next, I layered on a coat of Milani Jewel FX Teal. Finally, I applied a coat of Julep`s fast drying top coat. There are some very distinctive pros and cons with Julep`s Amy.
PROS: lovely coloring opaque (only one coat applied to get to the point you see in the photos) easy to apply
CONS: chipped before it had even been on for a full 24 hours not very shiny I`m not at all impressed with their top coat, either. I keep trying to use it but each time I do, I`m just let down by it. It smells horrible. I`m not even talking about the typical polish smell. It smells like skunk spray. No, I`m dead serious. It smells like someone collected skunk spray and then bottled it up and called it top coat. Beyond the smell, it doesn`t dry very fast at all. I`m not sure what they are using to compare their top coat to in order to deem it a fast drying top coat, but a fresh coat of paint on my walls would dry faster than this top coat. Another issue I have with it is that it isn`t as shiny as I would like it to be. Now, this is because I have been spoiled by the high glassy, glossy shine of Seche Vite. Finally, it doesn`t seem to cure to a hard, shell finish. It seems to stay kind of rubbery feeling. It is odd. All around, though, I don`t like it. I would only rely on this top coat in a tight pinch. I`m disappointed that the polish chipped so quickly because I really do like the color of the polish. I think it is a beautiful dusty tealish color. I`m probably going to keep playing with it to see if I can ever get it to work, but my disappointment remains.
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