Julep: Alicia

5 years ago

This was one of the colors in my Julep Maven box that I received recently. This is Alicia. They describe Alicia as a sunny salmon creme. Perfect for beach pedicures and fresh modern manicures. I agree with their description. It is a peachy-salmon kind of color. When the weather warms up, I find myself craving manicures in mints and coral-peach shades. When I saw their Boho Glam box had this color in it I knew I had to have it. In a way, this reminds me of Essie Haute As Hello and Essie Tart Deco. I`d have to swatch them side by side, though, to really determine the differences. I am not disappointed with this polish. Not even a little bit. It went on very, very opaque and the color is exactly what I was expecting. This is one coat. Yeah! ONE COAT! Amazing, huh? It is hard to find a polish that will give this kind of coverage with the first coat applied. I didn`t find that it had any issues with streaking or leaving bald patches. The consistency leans more to the thick side, but I hate saying that because then people will think it is gloopy or needs to be thinned down. NO! It isn`t that kind of thick. I think the consistency really helps with it being opaque, though. The brush was interesting to work with. The bristles, themselves, are the typical shape. They aren`t paddle style or anything. But, because of the bottle being skinny and tall, the wand is longer and then add on the long lid and I felt like I was working with a painters brush. Okay, that may be a bit extreme, but it did feel awkward initially. It just took me a moment to get used to the feel of a longer wand, but it wasn`t anything that created a problem when polishing. I like the looks of the bottles being skinny and tall but I can also see this being a problem. When you go to wipe off excess polish from the brush, it feels like it could teeter and fall over. Make sure you have a grip on it while polishing or you may find yourself with a puddle of spilled polish. :-( If you are interested in checking out their polishes they are running a promo right now where you can get your first box for a penny. http://julep.com/?r=19806710 and use code PENNY at checkout. The shipping is free, too!
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