Juju Cosmetics Aquamoist Whitening Gel Cream

4 years ago

This is one of the best moisturizers I have ever owned. It`s inexpensive, hydrating, effective and most importantly: DOESN`T BREAK ME OUT. I hate it when I start liking a product and then I get a few telltale breakouts and I have to stop using it. I have combination skin and I do get a few hormonal pimples(those huge cystic ones which are absolute hell), especially around the time of the month. My t-zone is a tad oily but my cheeks are rather dry. I did a little skincare layering awhile back, it worked great at first for my dry skin but then I realized that my skin started getting really congested so I had to stop. Now I have to stick to gel/water-based moisturizers or else my skin just goes crazy :(

About the product, it is:
Mineral oil-free
Vitamin C-enriched

I loved it from the minute I started using it. It`s not heavy, non-sticky and really hydrating for my skin. It also doesn`t irritate my skin, the way the Biotherm Aquasource did. Maybe it was the fragrance in the Biotherm one, I don`t know. I quite liked the Biotherm one at first, then later on I found it didn`t keep my skin as hydrated as I`d like, because I started getting dry skin around my nose(I get flaky skin around my nose first, every time!) and it also burned when I had open acne wounds. :( I really liked it up until it did that. Anyway, good news is, that the Aquamoist one doesn`t burn, in fact is rather soothing. I have also noticed that it helps my acne scars fade a little faster that they usually do. I think it`s the whitening property, Vitamin C in the formulation. I use this at night and wake up to non-flaky, plump skin. I love this so much, I just ordered another jar off http://sasa.com. They also have an original gel cream without the whitening properties if your skin is sensitive to those other ingredients, which I have yet to try! So this thing is the bomb for me, I don`t think I`ll stop it using it, unless my skin type changes? But then again, it`s supposed to be for all skin types. We`ll see! Go check it out if you want to! They sell and ship internationally on http://sasa.com and some other sites I`m sure, but I always use sasa. The site is all pink and pretty and I don`t know, I just like shopping there haha :) It`s free shipping to Australia over $75!

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