Juicy Couture loosing it`s juicyness???

4 years ago

I`m proud to say that for years i`ve been a Juicy fanatic. a proud owner of many many Juicy items, even recently with a new backpack, water canteen, and jewelry for school. But i`ve also noticed how their merchandise seems to be waining in just how "juicy" they make you feel. Not to mention that while the quality of the product seems to be loosing, the heavy price still stays the same. As i`ve mention before- i am very money savvy and the hundreds of items i own, i have bought on sale ;)
Not everyone is money savvy though, and it seems unfair for others to pay more than $150 for a top that...just isnt cutting it.
But is this popularity downfall due to people getting over their 2009 Juicy-craze, or is Juicy actually IN, like all the bizarre designers out there, and the public just isnt getting it?

Maybe it`s because i`m a very feminine classical girl with only a slight edgyness to her, but Juicy seems to be reaching out to the think-outside-the-box public. And i`m not so sure thats their most profitable public.

Nevertheless, i still ADORE Juicy Couture and will not stop to be a common customer of theirs, but this is something that has been on my mind. What do you think?
-Do you still love Juicy, even with their new crazy style?
-Do you remember their pink and girly old moto of fun and firty sweetness?
-Which do you like best?
things to think about dolls! ;D
xo, Gaby <3

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