Juicy Couture Closing Down Come back!

Last week, I went shopping at my local Outlet to find out Juicy Couture closed down! I wished I knew because I would have totally stocked up. Last time, I went to Juicy Couture - I found a bunch of great deals on track wear. I remember back in my teenage years, Juicy Couture was a huge hit but just way to overpriced to afford. Now that the clothing are more reasonable, Juicy is closing down! The reason being is the brand is drying out and not many people are buying the items.

Now, Juicy Couture is having a come back with new items! Juicy Couture will be divided into two categories - the Premium `black label` and Mid-Tier `pink label`. Juicy Couture`s Premium black label will include footwear designed by Steve Madden, handbags and accessories while the Mid-tier pink label will be Juicy goods sold Kohls department stores.

What do you think about the brand Juicy? I honestly wouldn`t pay retail but I think they do have some cute clothes. As for Juicy being sold at Khol`s soon- that will be interesting to see! I have yet seen Juicy clothes at Khol`s yet.

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