Juicing: Honey dew Greenness

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1 honey dew
6 small golden delicious apple
5 stalks of celery
1~2 cucumber
1 lemon (optional)

From only ONE honeydew gives ALOT OF JUICE. So make sure you have enough containers to store it. & always remember when juicing, drink it right away in less than 30 mins. (to get all the benefits) Or store it right away in the fridge. Remember to drink it in less than 24 hrs or else the flavors will turn. You won`t get the best benefits out of the fruits. Also, shake it before drinking it.

You don`t have to copy my exact recipe, just use it as a reference and make it according to your taste, you can add in other fruits in it as well.

I love juicing on a every few days basis. Honey dews are one of my favorites fruit, its very juicy, sweet, yummy, and the color looks refreshing to me. I love making honeydew sago with it, juicing it, or just eat it as it chopped. For juicing, I would juice it with similar colors because I want a stronger green color and it makes me feel cool and fresh. (=^^=)

The juice from the photos were made with 1 honey dew, 6 apples, 5 stalks of celery, and 1 cucumber. I never have a exact recipe when it comes to juicing because all fruits sweetness is different, so I adjust to my liking. Sometimes I throw in more celery when I think its too sweet or wants more flavor from celery. Or maybe I want it more tangy and I`ll juice kiwi in it. Apples are VERY sweet as well, so I always juice it with a cucumber and half a lemon.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my honey dew greenness here :) GREEN is always the best for us and the earth!

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