Judas necklace

4 years ago

This necklace is really cute. I wasn`t expecting this in my package of review products from http://www.house-of-wonderland.com but it was a lovely surprise. It is the word `Judas` cut out of pink acrylic plastic and put on a chain.

This takes me back to my comprehensive school days in resistant materials. For those of you who dont know what resistant materials is, its a form of DT that involves wood work, plastics and metal. I know how to make the pink acrylic part of the necklace and I am telling you now it is not easy. There are so many processes and they may have been different to what the owner of this company has done but we had to file the plastic, use this wet and dry stuff which is also a form of filing the plastic but to get rid of the small grooves, and then we had to use this stuff called brasso which polishes the edges. The method I got taught at school may have been completely different to how this has been made but it took so long for a small bit for me and all the corners and on this were outstanding and I was very impressed that is was handmade. Its better tan what I could ever do and I was astounded when I opened my package to find this.

Cheap jewellery always makes my skin turn green and I am happy to say that this hasnt done this so I can tell straight away she has used high quality metal for this. I have worn this for days on end without taking it off at night and it has not made my neck go green. I have also had it a while and the metal has no signs of going rusty or starting to come apart.

Overall I was so happy to see this and I wear it all the time. If I am honest I had no idea what Judas ment or was so I researched it and it is someone from the bible that betrayed Jesus so It is a word to describe betrayal if I have work that out right. If I am wrong please tell me in the comments below. It was a lovely surprise to find this in my package and I am in love with it so thankyou to ://www.house-of-wonderland.com for surpriseing me with this and giving me the opportunity to review this amazing product.

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