Joystick for iPad

4 years ago

I don`t really play games on my iPhone 4S as much, but from time to time I do. One of my favorite game happens to be Pac Man. I don`t know if you`ve played it on your phone or not, but it gets complicated! Just because there`s no joystick or anything! Just a flat screen where you`re trying to run through a maze.

With the new Joystick for iPad owners you`re going to love this concept because its a joystick to play arcade games. Basically its a iPad Joystick-It Arcade Stick where you can enjoy a real arcade experience right from your iPad. To use all you need to do is stick the removable non screen damaging suction cup onto the screen. Make sure to place where your direction pad controls are.

1. What kind of games do you play a lot on your iPad?
2. What are your thoughts about this concept? Yay or nay?

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