Joy Yee`s - Chinese food in Chicago (semi-review)

5 years ago

Every time I go to /viz/chicago-7, I always stop by this restaurant in Chinatown called Joy Yee`s for their their milk teas cause it`s so delicious! When I went for New Years in 2011, we (my boyfriend, friend, and myself) ate at Joy Yee`s and got a Shabu Shabu (Japanese hot pot) and it was sooo big and filling and YUMMY, that my boyfriend wanted to go again this year. So we did! But since it was only the two of us, we didn`t get the hugee shabu shabu. Instead, we both got things that we got some things that we never tried before! We ordered the
salted fish and pork rice in a stone bowl and
red snapper with spicy tamarind sauce (sorry! I spelled the name wrong on the picture, it should be tamariNd, not tamarid ;o; ). I forget the prices, but I think that Joy Yee`s is pretty affordable for their portion sizes! As you can see from the pcitures, the fish is quite big and so was the rice. We actually finished the snapper becuase we figured it wouldn`t taste good re-heated, and took more than half the rice back as leftovers :) I love
salted fish and I love how rice in a stone bowl tastes, so that`s why we got that dish XD It was pretty good, but not really anything special. I just like getting stone bowl rice because I can`t make it at home (cause I don`t have a stone bowl...) My boyfriend wanted to try the
red snapper cause he said he`d seen it in Shanghai and it looked pretty good, and the picture in the menu was nice (Joy Yee`s menu has pictures of ALL their dishes... Very nice, no having to guess what something is! They have over 200 items on their menu, so the pictures are really helpful!). It was super delicious! So, basically, they take a whole red snapper, cut slit it from the belly and drop it in a deep fryer so that every piece you get is guaranteed to have be a combination of soft flaky fish and nice subtle crunch. Then, they stand it up on a bed of lettuce (as seen in the picture) and pour a spicy tamarind sauce over the top. They give you a big knife to cut it with (you can`t see it in the picture, but it`s pretty long and it has a very zig-zag saw-like blade... I know that kind of knife has a specific name, but I don`t remember the name right now, sorry). As I`ve said in /viz/gyu-kaku-yakiniku-chicago, I`m VERY sensitive to spicy stuff, but I didn`t think that this was very spicy! Well, actually, I ammend that statement... All the sauce collects on the plate (as you can see, the fish is floating off the plate, but since they just pour the sauce over the top, it all drips and collects at the bottom) and the sauce on the plate is pretty spicy (cause it`s so concentrated), so if you end up having a piece of fish that falls off the bone and onto the plate, it can get pretty spicy if you let it marinate in the sauce too long. The sauce that ends up on the fish is actually more sweet than spicy (because tamarind is naturally sweet). I`m sorry that I don`t remember the price, but this is definitely something that I suggest if you like fish! It`s definitely different than the steamed fish that you usually find at Chinese restaurants!

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