Joy Ride

4 years ago

Directed By John Dahl.

Such a great movie starring Paul Walker, Steve Zahn, and LeeLee Sobieski. If you don`t like being chased by some crazed trucker than this film isn`t for you. Brothers (Walker, Zahn) find a CV radio in the trunk of there car, I think. But only to create a big deal of danger and takes Sobieski on for the joy ride. It`s super suspenseful. They make a call on the radio and at first they are just pranking the guy but the dude follows there order and kills whomever was in the next room of there hotel room. And hear everything, poor guy didn`t know what was up. They are then called by the trucker guy and gives them orders and they follow them for they do not want to die too. And then the chase begins. And you can`t help but feel like a prank was just a prank but in this case you do the crime you do the time. It`s all very metaphorical.

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