Jon Jones You Wuss

4 years ago

The title fight of Champion Jon Jones in the UFC has changed more times this past week than I can count. Originally he was scheduled to face Dan Henderson at UFC 151. But Dan got injured, no fault of Jon. However, Jon was offered a replacement fight with Chael Sonnen whom he could`ve easily beaten given that Chael hasn`t been training and Jon has. But no, Jon turned that down. So Jon was rebooked for a match in UFC 152 vs. Lyoto Machida and guess what? Lyoto Machida turns the fight down. This I don`t really understand why, but hey let`s go with it. So now it`ll be Jon Jones vs. Vitor Belfort for UFC 152. A lot of people are afraid to fight Jon Jones because he has been extremely dominating in his wins. The guy is tall, lanky, strong, athletic and smart. But the guy has too much of a chip on his shoulder.

He should`ve accepted the fight with Chael for UFC 151. Why? Like I said he could`ve won and get $$$. Secondly, since the title fight was a NO GO, the entire UFC 151 match was cancelled. All the fans that bought tickets, plane tickets, hotel arrangements are screwed. All the fighters training for months expecting to be paid as well as their training partners and managers, SCREWED.

Is Jon Jones a wuss? Probably not. A spoil brat? Absolutely.

Talk the TALK
1) Do you think you can beat Jon Jones?
2) Would you mind getting punch in the face if it meant you can bring home an easy paycheck of say $100,000?

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