Joker Smile Surgery?!

3 years ago

A new surgery craze, the `Joker Smile,` is now sweeping across South Korea. South Korea is well known for their cosmetic surgeries, such as jaw-shaving surgery & double eye-lid surgery. Many women and men go through these surgeries in desire to mimic `Western` facial features.

This surgery is meant to help create a `permanent` looking smile; where the outer corners of the mouth are turned upwards. This is done by CUTTING certain muscles and repositioning other ones!! The cost of this surgery is $2000! I personally find this new surgical trend to be quite creepy. The girl pictured above is starting to look like the Joker. Her outer lips are too curled up to resemble a `natural` looking smile.

In my opinion, I find it sad that so many people suffer through the pains and risks of surgery in order to gain certain features that they weren`t born with. Sure we are all born with `imperfections` that we dislike, but I think that instead of changing how we look, just to be accepted by other, we should learn to grow to love ourselves.

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