Jogging for Beginners

4 years ago

I started jogging about 3 years ago. At first I was really unfit - I could barely manage to jog 1 mile, I was out of breathe, but I went about it the wrong way, My friend and I started on a Mountain in wales we would jog up and down it 3 times a week.. what we found was that even if we were barely jogging and still determined to finish we would beat it next week.

The way to go about it is to start off slow, jog at a slow pace for a few minutes, then brisk walk for few minutes, the jog again. After doing this for a few sessions, you`ll be able to cut the walking times so before long you are just jogging.

Once you`ve got your jogging style - everyone runs differently, some are nodders, others do the weirdest things with their arms - you can then improve your speed. Again, do it gradually.

I find jogging with a friend is A brilliant way of staying motivated and you can have a bit of friendly competition with one an other. When i jog with my friend we are constantly pushing eachother because we are both so stubborn.

If you havent got a friend to jog with, take the ipod its just as good and can get your ind focusing on the jog ahead and befoe you know it your jog will be finished because your`e enjoying your music so much. My biggest tip to any jogger, even if your`e a newbie and you aiming high, is to not look or think about your finish line until your about 100m away because other wise you might get disheartened by how far away it actually is. E.g - if i jogged the mountain and i have already jogged 3 and a half miles i know i still have another 3 and a half till i get to my destination so i tend not to think about this until the very end. Think about your breathing, control your breathing deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, this helps a lot with stitches, don`t stop because of your stitch, in through the nose out through the mouth. I really hope this helped all you new comers out there, jogging is brilliant and is an awesome form of cardiovascular exercise. Thanks for reading guys :)

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