Job Interview Shirt amp Piercing Advice Please!

4 years ago

Tomorrow I actually have a job interview! Yay! I haven`t had one since high school, so, a long time ago lol! But anyways. I`m kind of stuck on what to wear. My friend already works there and she told me she just wore jeans and a nice top, and my other friend who used to work there wore a white (nicer) t-shirt, a vest, and dress pants. Two very different outfits. Most of my clothes are on the more casual side, so I really struggle on what to wear when it comes to these sorts of things.
The top I`m wearing above is what I wanted to wear, with a cardigan and dress pants, though. I sent the picture to my friend for advice and she said I should probably go for a solid colored top. However, my only even semi-nice solid colored top is a bit revealing. Ugh!
Also, I have a nose ring and 2 tattoos. The restaurant`s policy is for no facial piercings or visible tattoos. The one on my foot, I`m not too concerned about since that will be easy to cover. My wrist one, I can cover with a tattoo concealer that I have. My nose ting is a slight issue, though. My friend told me I should be fine, but I`m not so sure. It`s just a small little stud, but you can still see it, though not super noticeable. I know most of you will just be thinking "Just take it out!" BUT, my nose ring will honestly close in about 5 minutes or so (And it`s 100% completely healed, I`ve had it for 5 years!), so I don`t want it to close up just for an interview. If I did get hired, I would invest in a clear one for work.
Tips, please! xox

*Photo is MINE.

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