JlovesMac`s! Sad News! :(

6 years ago

So yesterday I was watching a video of jlovesmac and after watching the video I decided To look at her blog spot! And saw this who remembers Missy? Her dog, she made a couple of videos were she showed her dog or she would come out in the background. Well yesterday I saw that she was very sick and unfortunately passed :( . . . this is what he blog said:

November 2, 2010
was a very sad day. Unfortunately my family was told she was not going to make it.Missy`s sudden pass was totally unexpected. She was a very healthy dog and was never sick.
Her liver failed and it caused other organs to malfunction. Poor Doggy. She was moaning in pain and she couldn`t get up. We thought the food poisoning was worsening.

Go check out her BlogSpot for more info and pictures, ill post the link below. When I saw the pictures I almost cried :( jlovesmacs mom looks so sad!. . . Well I just wanted to share this with the ones that dont know yet! I know theres a lot of you guys here on luuux that loveee jlovesmac too! <3

So if you want to see more info about this and to see pictures off Missy. go check out her BlogSpot.

-Thanxz for Reading! <3

Source link: http://jlovesmac.blogspot.com/

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