Jillian Michaels Promotes 50$ Meal Plan a Day and People Are Not Pleased!

5 years ago

Im a fan of Jillian Michaels and i have learned a lot from her podcasts from the recent ones from her radio show to the current ones on itunes.
One thing I always admired on her is that i always got the feeling that she truly enjoyed helping everybody and just put the information out there. She has of course her products and ones she advertises/promotes, there is nothing wrong with that but just now she went to facebook to promote an expensive diet plan and people are showing how unhappy they are.
On her FB, Jillian started to promote the diet plan Freshology that can run for 50$ a day =o That is serious money and something that not everybody can get into. People are not happy with it because she is usually into help people that don`t have super high paychecks or are on a budget and seems to understand that, but this time her paycheck probably spoke higher.
A lot of people are actually offended by the announcement of the product on her fb and is leaving a lot of comments to show it.

I can`t say i was offended and i don`t know why people would be offended by it because its just an endorsement, i just choose to ignore it and others should also. However, i do see the point people are making because she is pushing something to her fans that most of them can`t have access to.
This reminds me of her diet pills thing because she was against people taking pills and then she goes and makes her own...

<strong>What do you think of Jillian pushing a 50$ a day meal plan?
Are a fan of Jillian Michaels? Have you listed to her podcasts?</strong>

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