Jillian Michael`s 30 Day Shred

4 years ago

After reading many reviews and watching other people`s results on Youtube I knew that I just had to try Jillian Michael`s 30 Day Shred! You can buy this dvd at - http://JillianMichaels.com for only $10.99!

In this dvd there are 3 levels. Each level contains a 20-minute workout based on Jillian`s exclusive 3-2-1 Strength/Cardio/Ab training circuit. Start out with Level 1 for 10 days, Level 2 for 10 days and then lastly Level 3 for 10 tens. Within my first 2 weeks of doing this workout I slowly started to see results. I can definitely say that this workout has build up my endurance a whole lot! Aside from doing the 30 Day Shred I also take up on some Zumba, but if you`re looking for a great workout that`ll kick your butt within minutes then definitely give this 30 Day Shred a shot!

The first day that I started I literally thought that I was going to die! Lol. But, on my 5th, 6th and 7th day of just Level 1 I could feel that my endurance was building up and how strong my muscles were starting to become. Even though each level is only 20 mins it definitely does the work! Trust me, you`ll feel so proud of yourself after getting through with each level! This 30 Day Shred is a real challenge but it`s well worth the time!

Source link: http://jillianmichaels.shop.sportstoday.com/Product.aspx?cp=14308&pc=JIAM13

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