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Hey Jewelry Junkies!!!

I just moved into my new place.. and just finished organizing my jewelry, make-up and scrapbook collection =).. i am pretty darn proud of how it all came out! SO i wanted to share some of my ideas/tips.. you may have heard or seen most of them before.. but here is my take on them.

TO start off.. get yourself one of those cubical shelves (pick the size to your liking).. or just use a regular shelf and put your necklaces above the shelf on the wall =)


Cork Boards (staples)
Foam Board (99 cent store)
Push Pins (Staples)
(Optional) Flat back pearls and lace trim for decoration (any craft store)

I basically cut the cork boards in half.. and measured them onto the foam board.. and cut the foam board just a little bigger than the cork board to my liking.

Why did i use both? the needle on the push pin is longer than the thickness of the cork board.. so i needed the foam board to keep the push pin stable enough.. without using glue. After that i used the double sided sticky foam to adhere my project to the walls of the cubicle =)...


Cork Boards (staples)
Foam Board (99 cent store)
Push Pins (Staples)
Lace (fabric/craft stores) (can be replaced with fishnets, stockings.. and fabric)

Its very similar to the necklaces.. except that I kept the cork board full size as well as cut a piece of foam board the same size.. and cut another piece outlining the board to look like a frame. All i did was wrap the lace around the cork board and glued the back so that the lace would not move. After you`re all done with that.. go ahead and hang your earrings on it!.. if you have studs you can just stick them into the cork board =) As for Hoop earrings.. you`re on your own =(

Exacto Knife (feel free to use anything sharp or pointy)
Empty Box (recycled mine from jewelmint)
Soft Cushion Foam (recycled mine from jewelmint)

All i did was cut a slit for each of my rings to fit into and put them in !.. simple as that!! =).. I did not cut one single line all across because i tried that and my rings fell out =.=.. so i suggest just cutting a single slit for each ring.. if your rings are like mine and they all have different thicknesses.


Dress Form (Ross)
Foam or cork board

I got my dress form from Ross.. they have so many of these and in different styles as well.. I chose the one with the empty square on the bottom =).. All you need to do is cut the foam or cork board to fit into the square.. and poke your earrings in!.. how simple is that!? I also added some plastic gems and rocks for decorations in the back because it was an empty space =)

As for my BRACELETS.. all i did was just lay them in the front because that empty space looked weird lol.. ! Same with my sunglasses =)

I hope you guys enjoy how i organize my jewelry.. and hope it was helpful!.. Let me know how you organize your items?!

P.S- i know my globe is empty.. I took the picture of my bf and I out.. because he doesnt like his picture showing everywhere lol

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