Jewelry Haul ! YSL Arty Ring dupes, amp more !

5 years ago

If you are a slave to fashion (or love statement jewelry like I do) you probably know about the ever so coveted YSL arty rings. I am not necessarily one who follows trends or stays fully up to date with whats in and what`s not (I just wear what I like), but ever since I saw Wendy from Wendy`s Lookbook on YT wearing a YSL arty ring, I fell in love.

I have always been quite the fan of chunky semi obnoxious jewelry so that must have been what drew me to these. but what the case may have been, I fell in love with the look of these rings. If you are familiar with YSl jewelry you are aware of the hefty price tag that comes with these pieces of costume jewelry. And I don`t know about you, but I don`t think I would spend $300 on a piece of costume jewelry. Especially a trendy one that will probably go out of style before you know it (gosh I hope not).

I love finding cheaper alternatives to celebrity jewelry. I once purchased a dupe for the House of Harlow necklace for around $3 and I absolutely loved it. Pretty good quality too (way better than F21 at least).

I have a huge obsession (as many of you probably do) with shopping on eBay. i can spend hours and hours looking up all sorts of stuff on eBay but my favorite things to look for are jewelry pieces. I ordered quite a few pieces this past month but so far I only have these to show you (pretty fast shipping though)

You won`t believe the prices.....Each one of the YSL arty rings was only 99 cents! And believe it or not, they are of pretty nice quality. They feel heavy enough to fell like the real deal and look like they will last me quite a while. But for 99 cents who cares how long they last right? lol. I purchased 3 different colors: Black, tourquise and red. They have many other colors available online but these are the ones I selected. The seller I purchased them from Shipping took about 1 week which is not bad at all considering these came all the way from Hong Kong...that`s actually quite impressive. If the seller no longer has these in stock, try searching arty oval ring in the ebay search bar. There are many sellers who sell them, some for a little more than others.

From the same seller I also purchased a skull scarf for about $3. I remember seeing celebrities such as Kim K wear a scarf like this and I always found it pretty cute even though I would normally never go for something with skulls. I think this is supposed to be a dupe for the one by Alexander McQueen if I am not mistaken. It`s really lightweight so I think it will be perfect to wear during Spring. Here is the link if you are interested:

Last but not least I purchased a mustache double finger ring for 99 cents. I thought it was pretty cute. So I got it. lol.

What I purchased:
Black arty ring 99 cents
Red arty ring 99 cents
Turquoise arty ring 99 cents
Black mustache ring 99 cents
Skull scarf $3.22

Do you ever shop for jewelry on eBay?

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