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4 years ago

I wasn`t planing to post anything until after finals but I knew if I didn`t post this today I would feel really bad about it. Earlier today, I received my second package from I had been waiting for this package all weekend. I purchased the items on Wednesday. On Thursday, i received an e-mail saying that it was shipped out. I was hoping to receive it on Saturday but it didn`t make it to the post office in til so I had to wait until Monday to receive it. I feel so bad for the mail man because he had to come back in the pouring rain to drop off my package. The mail at my house comes straight into my door so I never I have to leave the house. =D When I first heard the envelopes slip through the door I got so happy. I decided to wait a little bit so that my mail man doesn`t think I`m crazy for opening the door immediately to check. Sadly, when I did check I didn`t see anything and I was a little irritated that it wasn`t there. About an hour or so later I heard the screen door open again and I had a feeling my mail man came back and placed the package in between the screen door and the main door my house. When I opened the door it was there smiling at me. I grabbed and started trying to pry it open while locking up my front door at the same time. Anyways, Shoplately is a flash sale accessories site but have items that are sold at a normal price as well. I prefer to pay for the flash sale price because its a lot cheaper. The quality is a little similar to Forever21 but slightly better. I picked up two items. On Tuesday, May 1st Shoplately had a blowout sale and I fell in love with this bracelet but I was hesitant to buy it. I decided to wait a day and see if there were any other items I liked in the next day flash sale before purchasing it. I`m so happy that I did. The next day they had a mixed metal flash sale with the chain necklace. .I`ve been wanting a chain necklace for a very long time so when I saw it I new I had to have it. I didn`t purchase it immediately bc I was at school but when I got home I looked it up and there was only 1 left of the necklace so I had to react quick! I`m soo glad I made it in time to get it. At the moment the bracelet is still on sale for $8.50. It is a gold cuff that is engraved into diamond shapes with rhinestones at the top. I think it is a gorgeous piece that could dress up any outfit as well as would look great stacked with other bracelets. To find it click on the link The sale ends in 15 hours. On the other hand the chain link necklace is sold out. I purchased the necklace for $9.50 which I thought was a great price because from my experience a necklace like this would be $15-18 at Forever 21. I have always wanted the HRH necklaces but its too expensive. The necklace has links of gold, silver, and bronze and if you`re interested in it you could join the wait list in hopes that it comes back. Sadly it won`t be for $9.50 instead it will be sold for $14.00. If you haven`t signed up for
ShopLately yet than sign up now! There is no requirements for signing up, its free! LOL My favorite thing about the site is that it caters to everyone`s taste and is updated to the latest trends. If you`re feeling nice join with my referral link here
What do you think about the pieces I purchased? If you could have any jewelry piece you want, what would it be? Hope you enjoy my haul! Don`t forget to comment, rate, follow, and friend. Wish me luck for my finals. Ahhh I`m so nervous. Follow me on Instagram at
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