JewelMint`s Shanghai Eclipse Necklace

4 years ago

Hi everyone! It`s time to post about another JewelMint piece! This is the Shanghai Eclipse pendant which is currently sold out on the JewelMint website. When this piece was initially released I had no interest in it whatsoever, and never really got the urge to try it or the need to have it. When someone on one of the trade boards was coveting a sold out piece that I had and wasn`t loving, she offered a couple pieces up for trade, and of all the pieces she had, this one was one that I didn`t have and was mildly interested in. This piece is actually a lot more lightweight than I thought it would be, so it`s a good and bad thing. The Shanghai Eclipse pendant is essentially a black enamel disc encircled with a ring of rhinestones. It is set in what looks and feels like gold painted plastic, which is why it`s so light. It`s on a gold chain which features two types of chains (picture #3). What I do like about this necklace is that you can wear it long or short (with the chain doubled up) and that it`s a very classic color combination and shape. You can wear it with casual items or with sophisticated and structured pieces. One way I`m going to try and wear it is doubled up under a collared shirt, which was one of the promotional images when it was released. Overall I am happy with the necklace, though I wish it was actually set in metal instead of plastic so that it would have some weight to it. I`m happier having this necklace than the bracelet that I never wore. Again, this item is currently SOLD OUT on the JM website, but it may make a come back. Thanks for reading! All images and content are my own. Please do not use or take without permission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I`ve recently opened up the sale to international customers, but please read my note about customs fees and international shipping before browsing/purchasing. necklace

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