JewelMint`s Purple Haze Bracelet

4 years ago

Hi everyone! Here is another JewelMint piece that I bought during a good promotion a few months ago, it is the Purple Haze Bracelet which is a hematite bracelet with an eclectic central design featuring small rhinestones and larger pink, blue and amber stones. What makes this bracelet interesting is that it has a fixed shape. The central design of the bracelet is curved so it will only fit certain sized wrists. If your wrists are too large/wide the curve will not rest against your wrist but will instead sit on top of it. My wrists are only 6 inches around so this bracelet works out for me, it`s just something I thought to bring up in case your wrists were larger. Unfortunately this bracelet is sold out, but there was a small restock of it a couple weeks ago but it quickly sold out again. There`s always a chance it will come back or you may be able to find someone else selling it. Originally this bracelet was about $32 which is slightly more expensive than the original $30 JewelMint price point and JewelMint has been introducing more expensive pieces to their line but the quality is really not any different from their original items. If you look on the website now this bracelet is listed at $30. There is also a matching pair of earrings which are STILL AVAILABLE on the website (name: Purple Haze Earrings) Do I think this piece is worth $30? With the way JewelMint is now, I have a had time justifying spending $30 on any of their jewelry, not that I pay full price for any piece in the first place. This particular piece is well made and has a unique design. I wouldn`t pay more than $10, maybe $15, for it though. However, it is one of the rarer pieces because it had a smaller release with a higher price point so the price people will ASK FOR will probably factor that in. Thanks for reading! Have you gotten anything from JewelMint lately? All images and content are my own. Please do not use or take without permission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ fashion

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