JewelMint`s Ladder Link Necklace

4 years ago

Hi everyone! I know it may seem like I`m buying JewelMint left and right, but honestly I only purchase one piece a month unless there is a really good sale/promotion going on. At the beginning I was really enthusiastic about JewelMint and all their products, but lately I really have to be wowed by a piece coupled with a good promotion to order. This is the Ladder Link Necklace and it was released either in December of last year or January of this year. If you`ve been following me for a while then you`ll know that I have a soft spot for statement necklaces and bold jewelry in general so this necklace spoke to me the moment it was released. At the time of it`s release there weren`t any good promotional codes out so I held off. Someone in early January there was a promotion where you could get a piece for 50% and this was the piece I chose. The Ladder Link Necklace is one of my favorite JM pieces and probably one of my favorite jewelry pieces in general. It`s a mixed metal necklace, bold and versatile. Ladder Link has a good weight to it so it doesn`t feel cheap. What I was really surprised and happy about was that none of the rungs from the necklace were missing. With a necklace that has so many small pieces that all look the same like this it`s very easy to forget a piece, but this one came in perfect condition. Is this necklace worth $30? This may be one of the few times I will say this might be worth the money. The design may not be wholly unique, but I think for the amount of work that`s put into this necklace this is reasonably priced and with the wear I get out of it, it`s worth the money. I`m sure a necklace like this might be slightly more expensive from another brand which is why I purchased it. Unfortunately this necklace is currently sold out, and I`m unsure whether they will ever bring this back. There is a waitlist option available on the site, but more than likely it will be brought back as a re-color since that seems to be the trend with JewelMint. Thanks for reading! Have you purchased anything from JewelMint lately? All images and content are my own. Please do not use or take without permission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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