JewelMint`s In the Rough Ring (pic heavy)

4 years ago

Hi everyone! Long time no posting! As many of you are probably aware, Luuux has gone through some changes as far as the shop and it`s inflated prices and that caused a lot of people to leave. During this time they were deleting their accounts/posts and that caused people who commented on their posts to lose points they had earned. I know the first priority of this site should be putting out quality posts, but seeing many hours of commenting taken away was not encouraging so I decided to not post or even log on to Luuux for a little bit. Things have seemed to even out a bit, so we`ll see how everything goes from here. The item I`ll be showing you today is JewelMint`s In the Rough Ring, which was one of the first pieces released by JewelMint and it was long gone by the time I joined. It has been one of the pieces that I was hoping would be re-released or re-colored but that never happened. There were a couple flash sales where there were about 5 of these rings available and during one of those I was able to get one. Unfortunately, JewelMint being what it is they oversold the ring and didn`t notify me until two weeks later. Luckily there was someone on a JewelMint trade forum who was looking to sell their ring and I actually saw the person`s listed on eBay and recognized the username. We were able to work out a deal and I FINALLY able to get this ring which I had wanted for so long. What I love about this ring is how unique it looks and how angular it is. I love girly pieces but there was something about how edgy this piece was that really spoke to me. Something of an inner rocker chick? Maybe? The ring is an oxidized gold/brass color and features a faceted black stone. The stone is a bit loose in the setting, which I knew before buying it, but it doesn`t seem like it will fall out. This ring is a size 8 and fits a little large on my finger but in the warmer months it should be okay. This kind of quality and uniqueness is what I`ve been missing from JewelMint lately. They`ve also recently started selling pieces that are not exclusively theirs to give their customers a wider selection of jewelry to choose from. Smells like bologna to me, as a lot of those pieces can be found a lot cheaper elsewhere. Overall, I really like this ring and am glad someone was willing to sell it because this one is a pretty rare find. Thanks for reading! Have you bought anything from JewelMint lately? All images and content are my own. Please do not use or take without permission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ fashion

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