JewelMint`s Evening Star Bracelet

4 years ago

Hi everyone! Here is another JewelMint piece that I purchased a few months ago during a really good promotion the company was having. Because of that promotion and some credits from previous returns I think I got about 10 JewelMint pieces for about $50 which breaks down to about $5 per piece which is a steal since each piece is $30! This is the Evening Star bracelet which is yet ANOTHER re-color of an older, popular JewelMint piece: the Burning Star bracelet. Burning Star was a gold bracelet with a star made of black stones and clear rhinestone accents. Evening Star is a hematite bracelet with a star made of various green stones and clear, light green and aqua rhinestones. The design of both is completely gorgeous, but Burning Star evokes a more glam vibe while Evening star is more dark and edgy. Evening Star is well made and has a good weight to it. From far away this bracelet is a real stunner because the design is so large. However, when you look up close you can see how they sort of cheaped out on the materials used. The stones are a cloudy plastic and look cheap. The prongs are also decorative - if you look closely the stones are glued on and the prongs are sticking straight out. The design of the star itself is also VERY tall. It is literally a cone of stones that raises about an inch from the bracelet itself. If you`re one who tends to knock her wrists around on things this would not be a good bracelet for you. Is this piece worth the $30? Probably not. I do not have the original Burning Star bracelet but THAT bracelet looks impressive and I would probably pay $30 for that one because it`s so beautiful and rare. This bracelet is also impressive if you like hematite, green and/or an edgier style. It`s great for the $5 I paid for it, but I think the at most I would pay $15. Another caveat about this bracelet is that it is NOT adjustable. It is about 7 inches long, has a fold over clasp and because of the type of chain used, there is no way to chop this bracelet to make it shorter. I have six inch wrists and have to wear this bracelet farther up my arm than most other bracelets because I don`t want this to swing around my wrists. Unfortunately this bracelet is sold out and if you look for it under the bracelets section it is not even listed. I`ve heard that if you do not see an older piece on the website it means it will not become available again. However, this bracelet has popped up on sites like eBay and I`m sure there are people who are looking to sell this bracelet. Thanks for reading! Have you purchased anything from JewelMint lately? All images and content are my own. Please do not use or take without permission. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ fashion

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